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JULY 26, 2011

La Casa De Doris....

I always love to highlight other creative people...and even though I've featured Doris before (here).... I'm excited to be featuring her again! She made a few changes to her home since then & was kind enough to let me share the pictures with all of you!!

Hope you'll enjoy this unique home as much a I have!

Doris ALSO has a beautiful shop (a must see) in Brazil - you can learn more about her shop here. It's called Coisas Da Doris

Venetian mirrors look great almost anywhere in the home. I thought about buying two for my master bathroom....

Of course I love the lucite chairs...and you??

How cute are these gold reindeer hooks in her bathroom??

There's something super cool about a LARGE photograph framed behind a glass. This is something I've thought about doing in my own home. 

Not sure where I'd put it, but it has to be a PHOTOGRAPH that doesn't tire easily...you know, something you can look at everyday & still ADORE....

Her style is definitely unique & playful. I wish I had more friends with her style & creativity in home decor- I'm sure it would be so inspiring to visit her home!

How interesting is this artwork? It reminds me of a board game! Oh and it also contains my fave word "LOVE"

I love modern bathrooms & in this case i like how the bright and colorful pendant adds interest and breaks up this white space. 

-images by Valentino Fialdini


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tia ionca @---;--- disse...

Parabens, tudo muito lindooo !!! Apesar que prefiro tua loja Coisas da Doris , sou tão maluca por ela que um dia pensei... eu poderia ser um objeto de Arte la num canto esquecido da loja so para ficar olhando tudo !!! ADOROOOOOOOO
Tia ionca