domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010

Post sobre a loja....

Heather(My name is Heather Spriggs Thompson, an artist and designer based out of Nashville, TN.= Tenessee)
usou nossa loja como tema para o Valentine's day, vejam que simpático.

Picture 1 Picture 2
Lola 072
Happy Friday!! It is here finally! Yay! Do you have special Valentine's Day plans this weekend?? Our holiday is usually low key. My husband is a musician so he is playing some gigs this weekend, but we should be able to squeeze in a romantic dinner at a local Indian restaurant which is the same place we had our first date! Awww. 
Anyway, here is a fun, fun, colorful shop around the corner, Coisas da Doris from Sao Paulo, Brazil! I used Google translate to navigate but still found it to be a little challenging so I began perusing the Coisas de Doris blog and it is sooo much fun!! (and much easier to read with translate). Doris features many objects and vendors from the store (which is where most of these images came from). She also has little sneak peaks into the store front, along with clever and colorful products, design ideas and much more. Check out the silver and gold leafed bentwood chairs in this last photo, which was a space designed with the help of local interior designer, Maristela Gorayeb. I love it! ( I threw in the pic of the little heart pillows, just for the occassion!) Happy Valentines Day!
images: coisas de doris     

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